Introducing the 2021 Retail Snapshot: New Leasing Report Focusing Exclusively on the Noida Region

Thanks to the swift growth of population and size, Noida has witnessed an emergence of a plethora of malls that will allow you to indulge in some much-needed retail therapy. Several upmarket fashion outlets, gourmet restaurants, sprawling multiplexes, entertainment arcades, and more guarantees that there is a lot for people to enjoy at these sprawling shopping malls in Noida.

CRE Matrix has presented its first ever retail leasing report that centers exclusively on the growing Noida region. Based on authentic registered data, our objective was to assess the demand, supply, and rentals across the Noida area, focusing only on the malls’ category.

Key Takeaways from the 2021 Retail Snapshot – Noida

  • According to the report, Noida has witnessed a demand of 3.2 Lakh Sqft in 2021.
  • The research observes that the organized retail segment has seen immense growth with 7.1 MSF and is supported by the increasing demand for housing in the city.
  • The study states that leading brands such as Hypermarket, Reliance Smart, Pantaloons and many others are making a beeline for mall space in the city as real estate developers prepare to finish their retail projects.
  • The retail demand for malls in Noida was the highest in Q1 2021 with 1, 26, 935 Sqft, followed by Q2 with 1, 04,814 sqft. After witnessing a drop in Q3 with 25,255 sqft, the demand rose again with Q4 with 54,913 Sqft.
  • Which tenant category accounted for the maximum mall space for lease in 2021? The report showed that anchor tenants were responsible for 54% of the leasing demand last year, tailed by Vanilla stores at 21%.
  • The research study observed that F&B brands accounted for 11% of the retail space for lease in 2021 while the mini-anchor shops were at 10%.
  • The passing rental of vanilla outlets was Rs 393 per sqft on a monthly basis with an average revenue share of 8.9% while the passing rental of the entertainment hub was only Rs 75 per sqft per month but had an average revenue share of 12%.
  • The anchor stores had a passing rental of Rs 101 per sqft every month with an average revenue share of 6.8% while the mini-anchor outlets had a passing rental of Rs 176 per sqft on a monthly basis with an average revenue share of 8.3%. 
  • The report analyzed that vanilla shops continued to draw higher rentals, while the average revenue share in the transactions of entertainment tenants was comparatively higher as opposed to others.

Download the complete 2021 Noida Retail Snapshot for key insights and to understand how Noida has become a premium shopping destination and the immense growth it has showcased in retail leasing.

What CRE Matrix CEO Abhishek Kiran Gupta shared about the 2021 Noida Retail Snapshot

“Over the years, Noida has successfully emerged as a formidable and finest destination for shoppers living in NCR. While there has been a drop owing to the pandemic, the retail economy has somewhat witnessed a resurgence last year. We will continue to witness growth in retail leasing space with increase in demand, supply, and rentals this year.”

About the Study:

CRE Matrix has conducted this research based on authentic registered data collected from all the retail leases of Noida that were signed in the last 1 year and analyzed their rentals and the total area that these occupied. Through these leases, we also understood how rentals are behaving floor-wise and across different retail categories. We also studied the supply of malls in Noida – which mall was built when and how much area was constructed in every year.

Download the complete 2021 Noida Retail Snapshot here.

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