Dvok Buildcon Acquires 18-acre Land in Gurugram for Rs. 310 Crore

Dvok Buy Land in Gurugram

Dvok Buildcon, a Gurugram-based real estate developer purchased an 18-acre plot of land in Gurugram, valued at Rs 310 Crore as revealed by documents accessed by CRE Matrix. With this strategic investment, the business marks its expansion into one of India’s most lucrative real estate industries. Gurugram is famous for its rapid urbanization and great infrastructure. The region has immense potential for the growth of residential homes as well as commercial projects. 

The newly acquired land is an agricultural plot situated near Manesar, a prime location, enhancing its value and attractiveness for future developments. Dvok paid Rs 21.72 crore as stamp duty, according to the documents. This prime location gives a myriad of developments that Dvok Buildcon can venture into, be it residential or commercial. Real estate in the area is rife and a sure method of obtaining a good return on investment, as the demand for quality living and working space continues to rise.

Despite record-high residential demand, renowned developers, along with other entities, continue to acquire land across India. Besides residential projects, sectors like commercial, retail, industrial, and warehousing are driving prime land deals. In 2022–23, 88 land deals covering 1,886 acres were completed across various cities. This increased to 2,989 acres in 2023–24. The residential segment remains the primary driver of the Indian real estate market. Among the top seven cities, NCR led with 29 deals for 313 acres, followed by MMR with 19 deals for 157 acres, and Bengaluru with 14 deals for 490 acres.

Gurugram’s vibrant lifestyle, contemporary amenities, and seamless connectivity make it a popular choice for families and professionals. By providing luxurious housing solutions that satisfy aspirational aspirations, Dvok Buildcon may take advantage of this demand. Also, there are plenty of chances for commercial development in Gurugram because of its reputation as a major business hub home to various global corporations and commercial complexes. Strategically located modern office spaces would draw in firms and provide strong rental yields and long-term profitability. 

Recent Transactions

In the last few months, significant real estate transactions have been completed in Gurugram. The increased activity indicates investors’ faith in the market’s growth potential and long-term profitability. In a recent transaction, Chintels India transferred ownership of two land parcels in Dwarka Expressway valued at Rs 121.82 crore and covering a total area of 7.85 acres to Sobha Ltd in Gurugram. 

In another transaction, Virat Kohli leased out 12 office spaces in Gurugram for an annual rent of Rs 1.27 crore. 
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D Mart Buys Land in Chandivali for Rs 117 Crore

D'Mart andheri East

The parent company of the well-known DMart supermarket chain, Avenue Supermarts has acquired a plot of land in Chandivali, Andheri East, Mumbai, as part of its ongoing strategic expansion. The recent purchase of the 52,765 square feet property for ₹117 crore highlights the company’s dedication to strengthening its presence in the market. According to documents accessed by CRE Matrix, the deal was finalized on May 6, 2024, and Avenue Supermarts Ltd paid ₹7.03 crore in stamp duty for the transaction.

At the moment, this property is home to an industrial ground-plus-one building. It is located in an industrial zone, and the company plans to turn it into a retail center or a commercial structure. The acquisition increases Avenue Supermart’s already remarkable stockpile which consists of a wide range of properties across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Chhatisgarh, National Capital Region, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Radhakishan Damani founded Avenue Supermart Ltd’s major brand DMart and began its operations in 2002. From just one store located in Powai, Mumbai, DMart has over 333 stores across different locations. 

Avenue Supermart Ltd’s recent acquisition perpetuates its strategic property investment trend. September 2023 marked the purchase of three levels of retail space within a 31-storey residential building in Kandivali West for ₹88.74 crore. These ventures indicate the company’s intent to diversify its retail offerings and address the evolving needs of consumers.

DMart has witnessed rapid growth with two new stores opening on average each month. It announced in July 2023 that stores would be opened in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and Akola, Maharashtra. In August 2023, it inaugurated retail locations in Ahmedabad and Morbi, Gujarat, as per its regulatory disclosures on stock markets.

This planned expansion follows a string of real estate purchases by Avenue Supermarts Ltd. totaling ₹400 crores amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. These investments show how resilient and strategically astute the business is in managing difficult market situations. Additionally, family members and colleagues of D’Mart founder Radhakrishna Damani purchased up to 28 home units worth ₹1,238 crore in Mumbai in February 2023, in what may be the largest real estate transaction in the nation. The agreement was reached not too long after the Budget 2023 plans were made, which capped capital gains from the sale of long-term assets, such as real estate, at ₹10 crore.

The company’s plan, for growth is in line with its goal of offering customers access to high-quality products at prices. Avenue Supermarts Ltd is strengthening its market position and promoting long-term success by adding outlets and diversifying its retail offerings.

Recent Transactions

In a recent transaction, Bank of America Leases Two Commercial Units in Malad at a monthly rent of ₹91.5 Lakh

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TCG Real Estate Successfully Secures Significant Funding of ₹714 Crore from SBI for Its World Trade Center Project

Sbi funded world trade center

In a significant real estate development in Gurugram, TCG Real Estate, a leading industry player, has secured funding of a whopping ₹714 crore from the State Bank of India for its ambitious World Trade Centre project. This is an important milestone that the project has achieved and is surely reflective of the trust that the financial institution, SBI has in TCG’s competence and potential. 

According to the documents accessed by CRE Matrix, Energetic Construction Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of TCG Urban Infrastructure Holding Pvt Ltd, is behind the project. The Gurugram Project is set to be an eye-opener to the region’s commercial arena. The project’s leasable space is approximately 1 mn sq ft. This suggests that the project is poised to revolutionize the commercial landscape in Gurugram, particularly in the realms of office spaces and retail.

Furthermore, the documents reveal that the deal had detailed dynamics around the funding. It was funded via a 72-month loan at an annual interest rate of 9.6 percent. Energetic Construction Private Limited negotiated an amicable funding provision with SBI to meet its capital needs. The deed of hypothecation was registered on March 28, 2024. This was executed between Energetic Construction Private Limited in favor of SBICAP Trustee Company.

The scale and scope of the project are impressive, with four towers set to be constructed over an area of 7.94 acres. Two office towers covering over 9.4 lakhs square feet, and two retail towers covering an area of 72,407 square feet, highlight the project’s magnificence. Located advantageously off NH8 on Sohna Road, the project has excellent accessibility and visibility, attracting interested tenants and investors. The estimated project expenditure amounts to ₹ 1211.86 crore out of which ₹ the promoter has invested ₹ 497 crore. The funding secured from SBI represents a significant portion of the financial requirements and is indicative of the faith the bank has in the project’s potential and TCG’s history of completing profitable real estate projects.

In October 2027, commercial operations are anticipated to begin. According to the documents, the project’s building phase will take 48 months and there will be an additional 12 months of grace period. A penalty interest of 2% will be charged per annum on delayed payments that exceed 60 days from their due date. If the delay extends beyond 60 days, a higher penal interest rate of 5% will be applied to the outstanding amount for the duration of the delay, as specified in the loan documents.

TCG’s long-term vision for the Gurugram undertaking aligns with the evolving dynamics of the real estate market, which increasingly favors combined-use developments integrating workplace and retail spaces. By leveraging its understanding and assets, TCG aims to create a vibrant environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and an economic boom.

Adani’s Terravista Developers Acquires Leasehold Rights of 25 Acres From Finolex for Rs 470 Crore

Adani aquire lease hold rights in pune

Adani Group company, Terravista Developers Pvt Ltd, has recently concluded a significant real estate transaction with Finolex Industries. According to documents obtained by CRE Matrix, Terravista Developers has acquired leasehold rights of 25 acres of land near Pune for a substantial sum of Rs 470 crore. 

The land was originally leased to Finolex Industries by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) in the Haveli locality in Pimpri Industrial Area. The lease transfer was officially registered on April 3, 2024, with a significant stamp duty of Rs 23.52 crore paid for the transaction.

Terravista Deve­lopers has ambitious designs for the­ land plot. They plan to build a cutting-edge data ce­nter there – a proje­ct approved by MIDC. This highlights the increasing need for data infrastructure in the area, matching the wider trends of digital growth and technological progress.

An interesting facet of this deal is its le­ngthy lease term. Finole­x Industries held the 95-ye­ar lease and now Te­rravista Developers acquire­ those leaseholde­r rights. They can rene­w the rights for another 95 years, affording immense­ operational flexibility.

This development marks a significant milestone in real estate transactions and reflects the evolving landscape of real estate and industrial development in the Pune region. The establishment of a modern data center by Terravista Developers is poised to contribute to the region’s economic growth and technological advancement, further solidifying Pune’s position as a key hub for innovation and investment in the digital age.

Recent Transactions

In a recent transaction, Titania Industrial Development in Pune purchased a 13.26-acre plot of land and a 1,00,000 square feet structure from Tata Autocomp Systems for Rs 134 crore.

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Virat Kohli leases out 12 office spaces in Gurugram for an annual rent of Rs 1.27 crore


Kohli leased 12 office spaces totaling 18,430 square feet at the Reach Comercia corporate tower in Gurugram’s sector 68. The rental was set at around Rs 8.85 lakh per month.

Cricketer Virat Kohli has leased 18,430 square feet of office space in Gurugram to business firm Mynd Integrated Solutions for a yearly rental of Rs 1.27 crore, according to documents accessed by CRE Matrix.

According to the documents, Kohli leased up to 12 office spaces totaling 18,430 square feet in the Reach Comercia business skyscraper in Gurugram’s Sector 68 and the sale was locked in at a monthly rate of around Rs 8.85 lakh.

The stamp duty paid in the transaction was Rs 3.83 lakh, with registration costs of Rs 50,010. Mynd Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd., situated in Delhi, is the deal’s lessee. The purchase was carried out through RCB star player Virat Kohli’s registered General Power of Attorney (GPA) holder, Vikas Kohli, who is also Virat’s brother.

Although the transaction’s stamp-duty registration was completed on June 22, 2023, the deal’s documentation was made public in March 2024. 

The security deposit for the deal was Rs 57.19 lakh, and the starting monthly rent per square foot is Rs 48. 37 parking spaces are included with this workplace space.

There is a nine-year lease and the lease began on March 28, 2023, and the agreement’s rent began on July 1, 2023.

Documents revealed that the agreement called for a five percent annual rent increase and monthly common area maintenance fees of Rs 14 per square foot.

Former Team India captain Virat Kohli and his spouse, actress-producer Anushka Sharma, rented a residence in Mumbai’s Juhu neighbourhood for Rs 2.76 lakh a month in October 2022. Situated close to the Juhu beach region, the apartment boasts a sea view and is housed in the High Tide building.

According to real estate specialists, the high annual rental return that commercial real estate offers in contrast to residential real estate is the main driver of this trend. The amount a property owner makes each year from renting out a property is known as the rental yield.

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Green Office Leasing Trends in India

Green Leasing

The green office leasing sector in India has witnessed significant growth and adoption in recent years, with a notable increase in the share of green office leases and the emergence of key market leaders in sustainable practices.

Increase in Green Office Leasing

  • Share of Green Office Leasing: The share of green office leasing in India has surged to 16% in the 2022-2023 period, marking a significant increase from the pre-COVID years.
  • Growth Predictions: The JLL – CRE Matrix report anticipates that the share of green office leasing is expected to reach 20% within the next year, highlighting the growing momentum towards sustainable leasing practices.

Market Leaders and Location Trends

  • Global Capability Centers (GCC): Global Capability Centers and institutional landlords have been at the forefront of driving sustainable practices, accounting for 76% of overall leases.
  • Leading Markets: Hyderabad and Bengaluru have emerged as the leading markets for green office leasing, constituting 64% of the total green lease market in India.

Analysis of Leases

  • The data revealed a substantial increase in leased area, with a 132% rise from 3.7 million square feet to 8.6 million square feet during the 2022-2023 period compared to the pre-COVID years.

Driving Factors and Challenges

  • Sustainable Practices: The joint efforts of asset owners and occupiers have been instrumental in promoting responsible leasing practices in the industry.
  • Challenges: The lack of industry-wide guidance, transparency, legal complexities, and split incentives have been identified as barriers to the widespread adoption of green leasing practices.

Key Aspects of Green Leasing

  • Focus Areas: Green leasing clauses primarily focus on waste management, energy efficiency, and data sharing, with a strong emphasis on reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Energy Efficiency: Multiple clauses are centered around energy efficiency as an important instrument for reducing a building’s carbon footprint.

Expert Insights

  • Samantak Das: Samantak Das, Chief Economist and Head of Research and REIS, India, JLL, highlighted the incorporation of sustainability into the boardroom agenda and the significant progress towards sustainability in the Indian market.
  • Abhishek Kiran Gupta: Abhishek Kiran Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of CRE Matrix, emphasized the potential for green leasing to reach around 20% penetration within the next 1-2 years, with anticipated benefits for both landlords and occupiers.

Future Outlook and Mission

  • Environmental Sustainability: The realty sector is expected to play a key role in achieving environmental sustainability goals, with a shift towards green leasing being a crucial focus for the next two decades.
  • Emission Reduction Targets: India aims to reduce GDP emissions by 45% by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2070, with the realty sector expected to contribute significantly to this mission.

The surge in green office leasing in India reflects a growing commitment to sustainable practices within the real estate sector. While challenges exist, the collaborative efforts of stakeholders and the potential for significant rental arbitrage demonstrate the promising trajectory of green leasing in the country.

As the industry continues to evolve, the adoption of green leasing practices is expected to play a pivotal role in driving environmental sustainability and operational efficiency within the commercial real estate market.

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Commercial Real Estate Predictions for 2024

Future of commercial real estate

Explore the future of commercial real estate in India through our blog, where we delve into the surge of green leasing, the dynamic world of flex spaces, and key market insights for 2024.

The Rise of Green Leasing

What is Green Leasing: Green leasing involves renting or leasing commercial spaces in buildings that adhere to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. These buildings are designed to minimize their impact on the environment through energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the use of eco-friendly materials.

In 2024, we foresee a remarkable surge in green leasing, a well-established preference among market clients. Historically, green leases accounted for approximately 15% of total leasing, but this figure is set to soar beyond 25%.

The allure of green buildings is undeniable, prompting landlords to position them as a key differentiator.

Premium Rentals: Green buildings will command a premium rental, with the gap between green and non-green leases widening to 15% in 2024. This underlines the growing emphasis on sustainable practices in the commercial real estate sector.

Flex Leasing

What is Flex Leasing: Flex leasing is a dynamic approach to office spaces that allows businesses to rent flexible and customizable workspaces. These spaces are designed to provide a versatile and adaptive environment, allowing companies to scale their office space based on their needs.

The contribution of flex leasing to total leasing in India is poised to rise from 11% in 2023 to an impressive 15% in 2024.

Major occupiers are expected to explore flex spaces, driven by the need for enhanced flexibility, a better work experience for employees, and increased convenience.

Supply and Demand Insights

Looking at the supply and demand game, Pune and Hyderabad are set to supply 60% of new offices in the next three years.

Why Does This Matter?: It opens the door for cities like Pune, Noida, and Navi Mumbai to offer more affordable options for businesses who aren’t fixed on being in the South.

Hotspots: The Macro Markets of 2024

The pulse of office leasing in India will resonate in five macro markets:

  1. Gachibowli & High-tech City (Hyderabad)
  2. Noida (NCR)
  3. Navi Mumbai (Mumbai Region)
  4. Nagar Road Kharadi (Pune)
  5. Outer Ring Road (Bangalore)

These markets are destined to play a pivotal role in defining the trajectory of office leasing in the country in 2024. Subscribe to CRE Matrix for more in-depth Real Estate Data Analytics.

Air India Secures 6.2 Lakh Sq Ft in Gurugram: 21-Year Lease at ₹90 Cr/Year

air india leasing

After being acquired by the Tata Group in January 2022, the airline now occupies blocks B, C, and E, which together cover 3.61 lakh square feet.

Blocks in E-Novation Centre, Sector 75, Gurugram, have been leased by Innovative Techno Park Pvt Ltd to Air India.

According to documents accessed by CRE Matrix, Air India has signed a lease deal to occupy commercial space spanning 6.2 lakh sq ft in Gurgaon, Sector 75, at an annual rent 

of around ₹90 crore for 21 years.

The airline, which was acquired by the Tata Group in January 2022, has leased blocks B, C, and E at E-Novation Centre, Sector 75, Gurugram, from Innovative Techno Park Pvt Ltd for an average rent of ₹2.40 crore per month and ₹43.29 crore annually. The blocks span an area of 3.61 lakh square feet.

A ₹14.40 crore security deposit is included in the rent, which starts at ₹2.40 lakh per month. According to the records, the transaction involved the payment of ₹3.89 crore in stamp duty.

On October 18, the lease deed was registered.

Additionally, the airline has leased a space of 2.66 lakh square feet for ₹2.85 crore per month and ₹48.04 crore annually. it has paid a ₹17.10 crore security deposit for the transaction. On October 18, 2023, the lease was recorded, and ₹4.32 crore in stamp duty was paid.

The land has – 450 parking spaces.

According to the records, there is a 4 percent rent escalation clause in the agreement at the end of each year.

An earlier arrangement was inked by Air India Ltd to commercially lease Vatika One on One in Gurugram Sector 16 for five years at an annual rate of ₹24.05 crore, spanning seven floors and 1.80 lakh square feet.

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HCC sells a land parcel near Mumbai for Rs 95 crore

land parcel near mumbai

According to documents obtained by CRE Matrix, the HCC board of directors voted on November 9 to sell the land as part of the asset monetisation of debt resolution.

Infrastructure behemoth Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) sold a 2.35 lakh sq mtr land block in Panvel near Mumbai to Oak & Stone Construction Pvt Ltd for Rs 95 crore, according to registration documents accessed by CRE Matrix.

The property is in Karnala village, Panvel, Raigad district. The transaction cost Rs 5.70 crore in stamp duty and was recorded on December 4, according to the records.

The Board of HCC passed a resolution on November 9 to sell the land as part of the debt resolution plan’s asset monetisation.

In another major land deal in October, Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Limited (BDMC) finalized a significant land deal. BDMC signed the conveyance deed with Goisu Realty Private Limited, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Realty & Development Company Limited. As part of the deal, BDMC received Rs 4,675 crore for the sale of a 22-acre land parcel in the Worli area of Mumbai, including the associated Floor Space Index (FSI).

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4 steps to follow to score a great commercial real estate deal

Investing in commercial real estate can prove to be more beneficial when compared to residential properties. Commercial property owners enjoy the extra cash flow, the valuable economies of scale, the comparatively open playing field, the abundant market for good, reasonably-priced property managers, and the chance for a possibly larger payoff from commercial real estate.

Commercial Deal

But how do you assess the best properties? And how do the great deals differ from the duds?

Understand What the Insiders Know

To be a participant in commercial real estate, learn to think like a professional. For instance, understand that commercial property is estimated differently when compared to residential property. Income generated on commercial real estate is directly linked to its usable square footage. That’s not the case when it comes to individual houses. When it comes to real estate investment, commercial properties offer a bigger cash flow. Moreover, commercial property leases are longer when compared to single-family residences. This generally paves the way for larger cash flow.

Learn to Detect a Good Deal 

The leading real estate experts recognize a great deal when they see one. How do they do that? First, they come up with an exit strategy. The finest deals are the ones you know you can move away from. It helps to have the eye of the landowner – always be on the lookout for damage that needs repairs, understand how to evaluate risk and make sure you get the calculator out to guarantee that the property meets your financial objectives.

Chart a plan of Action 

One of the primary parameters of real estate investment of commercial properties is to ask yourself how much can you afford to pay and then shop around for mortgages to get an idea of how much you will pay over the life of the mortgage. Using tools such as mortgage calculators can assist you in coming up with great estimates of the sum cost of your home.

Seek Motivated Sellers

Just like any business, customers are majorly responsible for the growth of real estate. Your job is to seek them, specifically those, who are ready and willing to sell below the market value. The fact is nothing happens until you get a deal, which is generally accompanied by a motivated seller. This is someone with a strong reason to sell below the market value. If your seller isn’t motivated enough, they won’t be ready to negotiate.

Use a Three-Pronged Method to Asses Properties 

You need to be adaptable when looking for good deals for real estate investment. Scour on the internet, read the classified ads, and hire experts to seek the best properties. Agents can assist you in seeking lucrative real estate investment in exchange for a referral fee.In a nutshell, these are some of the steps to follow to score a great real estate investment. Head over to CRE Matrix to look for great deals in the commercial real estate sector in India.