Commercial Leasing Due Diligence Guide: How to Acquire the Best Deal?

When it comes to commercial real estate in India, the process of comprehending the property, the terms of the lease, as well as the way your tenancy will work, is referred to as due diligence. It needs you to do your homework as well as pay attention to the physical, financial as well as legal aspects of the lease. 

If you don’t perform due diligence before leasing a property, business owners end up signing a lease that disrupts their business operations. For example, a few landlords are dishonest and showcase no fair dealings when leasing a property. The majority of landlords lease out properties that are in the process of foreclosure, and a few have bad relationships with their present tenants. Due diligence aids potential commercial real estate tenants to avoid needless conflicts and challenges when they shift to their new office space. 

Additionally, due diligence aids tenants to know as much about the property they wish to lease as the landlord. This assists them to be a beneficial point when negotiating with the property owner. Moreover, while performing due diligence, business owners can find data they can utilize while negotiating reasonable deals. 

Commercial Leasing Due Diligence Tips 

Be on the Lookout for Hidden Expenses 

Sometimes, a commercial lease will make tenants pay for the maintenance expenses. Thereby, it is important that you know all the essentials of the ‘gross lease’, so you’re aware of the expenses that you are accountable for. This will assist you to negotiate and also drop the ones that do not fulfil your business requirements. 

Assess the Terms of the Lease Agreement 

You must be aware of the terms of the commercial lease agreement, particularly regarding default and termination of the lease. The knowledge of the termination clause will assist in negotiating a fair penalty for lease termination before it expires.

Evaluate your Potential Future Development 

To avoid paying for extra spaces that you may never utilize, you need to carefully check your capacity for future development. It’s important to not be extra ambitious, as this can lead to having space that may never get occupied. This is one of the major factors to keep in mind before you sign a commercial lease

Research Market Rates 

Acquire an idea of market rents in the region where you are considering and compare them to whatever price the landlord is asking for the rent. It is also vital to point out that just because you have lived in the same place as the new property does not mean the new rental rate will be in the same bracket. 

Thereby, it is important that you thoroughly research the market rates and comprehend what the present trends are. Before signing the commercial lease and making a payment, you must get an idea of the average market rental in the region. This can assist in negotiating a lower price if your landlord is demanding a higher rate. When researching the market rates, you can spend some time interacting with a broker who will provide you with updated details on the market lease rates. 

In a nutshell, above are some of the due diligence tips to keep in mind before you sign a commercial lease for office space. If you wish to have more insights on commercial leasing, then do subscribe to CRE Matrix

Exploring the Real Estate Market of Mumbai in 2023

Why is the Mumbai real estate market one of India’s most vibrant and dynamic? It has numerous factors pushing its development over the years. With the current economic recovery and increasing demand for residential and commercial properties, trends in Mumbai real estate are estimated to continue their growth trajectory in 2023. 

The COVID-19 pandemic considerably affected Mumbai’s demand for both residential as well as commercial properties. But since the situation has significantly improved, the two sectors are slowly but surely bouncing back, with developers adapting to the altering market conditions. 

With Mumbai’s increasing population, the city’s status as a powerful commercial and financial hub, the government initiatives such as affordable housing and infrastructure development will propel the real estate market in 2023. 

However, according to the latest Mumbai real estate market forecast, challenges, like rising construction expenses, liquidity issues, and regulatory changes, could affect the market. When you comprehend these factors and their possible impact, it will be important for developers, investors, and homebuyers to make knowledgeable decisions in the Mumbai real estate market in 2023. 

Factors Pushing Real Estate Trends in Mumbai 

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that are propelling the real estate trends in Mumbai in 2023:

Growing Population: Mumbai’s population has slowly risen over the years, which is expected to continue. As a result, there will be an increasing demand for residential apartments in Mumbai. Developers are working on new projects to cater to this increasing demand. 

Status as a Financial Hub: Mumbai is dubbed the financial capital of India. Its powerful status as a commercial and financial hub will play a huge role to lure businesses and professionals to the city.This, in turn, will push demand for commercial properties in Mumbai. 

Budget-Friendly Housing Initiatives: The central and state governments have come up with numerous initiatives to promote affordable housing in Mumbai. These initiatives comprise offering subsidies and incentives to developers and decreasing the expenses of land. This will make it easier for developers to construct housing projects and benefit low and middle-income families. This is one of the real estate trends observed in Mumbai. 

Infrastructure Development: One of the real estate trends in Mumbai is infrastructure development.The MMRDA has been working on numerous infrastructure projects to enhance the city’s connectivity. These projects comprise the construction of new highways, metro lines, and other transport links. Enhanced connectivity will make it better for people to travel to work and open up new places for development. 

Growth of Businesses: The corporate arena has been developing quickly in Mumbai with numerous major companies establishing offices in the maximum city. This has resulted in an increasing demand for commercial real estate, especially in places such as Bandra and Andheri. 

Foreign Investment: Mumbai has also drawn foreign investment in the Indian real estate sector. According to the latest real estate market forecast, this investment is estimated to continue in 2023, as the city continues to stay a lucrative destination for investors. 

In a nutshell, the Mumbai real estate market showcased specific trends that will continue in 2023. These above real estate trends will continue to make the city a great location for real estate – be it for commercial or residential properties. 

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Mumbai

Mumbai has been dubbed the ‘City of Dreams’ because millions of migrants migrate to this cosmopolitan metropolis every year. People leave their villages and hometowns to shift to this city and try their luck. Considering the ever-growing population who have shifted for job opportunities, it is not surprising that more and more commercial developments have come up in Mumbai to cater to the increasing demand. 

If you have decided to set up a commercial space in Mumbai, here are a couple of top reasons why it would be beneficial to invest in real estate – commercial sector.

Great Real Estate Market:

Mumbai has a plethora of great upcoming commercial real estate projects that are currently being developed by well-known builders that offer world-class amenities and comforts for job-goers. Apart from that, Mumbai is the financial hub of India, thereby ensuring that real estate prices will continue to be at an all-time high, thus ensuring not only high appreciation value but also excellent returns on investment which benefits the commercial real estate in Mumbai. This is why it is fruitful to invest in real estate in the city.

Seamless Connectivity & Accessibility 

Mumbai has incredible physical and social infrastructure. Mumbai always has something that is coming up – be it the monorail in the suburbs or a new metro line. The city prides itself on having an incredible highway system for those who like to travel by road. Traffic can be managed thanks to the expressways and the famous Bandra-Worli Sea Link decreasing travel time significantly. This is one of the major reasons why more and more developers want to invest in real estate in Mumbai and wish to set up commercial space in the city. 

Great Employment & Business Opportunities 

Mumbai is the financial hub of the country. So, it’s not surprising, that more and more people from all over the country are shifting to this metropolis for job opportunities and to build a life here. It offers abundant job and business opportunities, in terms of employment as the market in the city for any industry is huge. This is why it will prove to be fruitful if you decide to invest in commercial real estate in Mumbai

Easy Financing 

If you’re worried about raising capital to invest in real estate in Mumbai, then don’t fret! Banks have come up with schemes to offer construction finance loans to real estate developers and builders. This can help make it easier for you to invest in commercial real estate in Mumbai

Cosmopolitan Vibe

Mumbai is a melting pot of different cultures. Since millions of people migrate to the city from all over India, this metropolis is an amalgamation of differing religions, caste, language and culture. And yet, people live in harmony and co-exist beautifully with each other. Given the cosmopolitan vibe exuded by the city, it is hardly surprising that more and more real estate developers wish to invest in commercial real estate in Mumbai.

In a nutshell, these are some of the main reasons why builders want to invest in real estate in the Maximum City and set up commercial space. If you wish to take look at commercial real estate in Mumbai, then head over to CRE Matrix, a leading real estate data analytics firm in India, to acquire more details and information. 

4 Real Estate Trends That Will Emerge Popular in 2023

The real estate market in India has slowly but surely bounced back in a major way after the pandemic. The year 2022 proved to be a fantastic year for the real estate market in the country. The nation witnessed significant new launches and home sales that did a considerable performance. 

The real estate market is considered to be immune to the vitality of the market. They are believed to have stayed true to the expectations of real estate investors despite the highs and the lows in the last couple of years. However, positive expectations and a surge in the momentum of development have showcased the market’s ability to stay put and will continue to perform in 2023 and the following years as well. 

Let’s take a look at the real estate trends that are emerging in 2023:

Shop-Cum-Offices in Commercial Real Estate Sector

One of the emerging real estate trends this year is shop-cum-offices. Also referred to as SCO, it is a commercial real estate class that has witnessed huge development in the last couple of years. When it comes to locations, Gurugram is renowned for being the most popular and lucrative destination for shop-cum-offices in the NCR. SCO plots are available for development as well as investment in numerous areas of Gurugram. Due to this, a new era of commercial SCO plots has come up. Fortunately, SCO markets have witnessed massive development and the early investors’ capital has increased numerous times well. 

House Hunting is Now Digital 

When it comes to real estate trends, housing hunting going digital is one of them. While digital platforms have existed for a long time, the requirement for them has increased multifold, especially during and after the pandemic. For some time, many people have made their home bookings while using a digital platform. Moreover, other factors included in the home-buying process are a home tour, brokerage amount, rent amount, lease agreement, deposit amount, and so forth, have gone digital as well. Moreover, home loans can now be made online too. This can be the basis for buying and selling real estate projects in 2023. 

Sellers’ Market 

The upcoming housing market in 2023 will be observed as a sellers’ market. It is expected that the rates of the housing market will increase for some time owing to the increasing demand for homes combined with limited supply. It is said that Generation Y will be initiating real estate investments for the first time this year. Accordingly, the housing demand for residential and commercial spaces will witness a surge as well. When it comes to the future of the real estate market in India, it will be signified by a rise in demand and a limited supply, thereby creating a seller’s market.

Tier-II Cities Becoming Residential Markets

A rise in the proportion of investments will be shifting to tier-II and tier-III cities in 2023 are one of the real estate trends observed. Specific government programmes including AMRUT and Smart Cities Mission have aided these cities and turned them into amazing residential hubs. Additionally, with a rise in job opportunities and economic development, these cities are more likely to have a more solid residential population. Moreover, numerous tier-II and tier-III cities are either home to a few Indian as well as international MNCs or are well-connected to cosmopolitan cities of India. This, in turn, will result in residents shifting to tier-II and tier-III cities and travelling for work daily. 

In a nutshell, above mentioned are some of the major real estate trends that are emerging in 2023. If you wish to know more real estate insights, then head over to CRE Matrix, a leading real estate data analytics firm in India that offers authentic information on the real estate market in India.